15-5 PH


15-5 PH (UNS S15500) - Precipitation hardenable stainless steel

15-5 PH is a precipitation hardneable stainless steel with high strength up to 315 oC (600 oF). It excells due to good toughness and strength. 15-5 PH is used for applications in the aerospace industry as well as for pumps and valves in high-pressure components.

15-5PH can be provided in three qualities:

  • conventional melting route
  • ESR route
  • VMR route


Chemical Properties (% Average)

C Si Mn Cr Ni Cu Nb  
0.04 0.30 0.60 14.90 5.10 3.30 0.30  


Material Conditions

  • Solution annealed
  • Age hardened PH 590 oC / PH 550 oC / PH 495 oC / PH 480 oC


Bohler Pacific is able to provide 15-5 PH in various conditions and dimensions according to your needs.
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